30-30 brass
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This is mixed headstamp 303 British brass. We pack these in 50 case bags. Cleaned and tumbled with some dents and dings present. Most will be resized in the chamber when fired again. All bags are over filled to account for any unuseable case that made it through the inspection process. It is up to the buyer to do a final inspection of each case before reloading. Please follow the instructions for loading found in your reloading manual. Do not load beyond recomended specifications. Properly discard any case that is not suitable for firing.

Note: packed in bags of 50. Two bags can fit in a single small USPS Priority Flat Rate Box, 10 bags in a medium FRB.


  • Item #: 303Brit-MX-50

303 British Mixed Headstamp (50 units/pack)

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5 or more: $12.35 each
10 or more: $11.70 each
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